Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ljubljana Postcards

I didn't know much about Ljubljana, Slovenia before driving through on our trip. Actually, I didn't know anything at all. We were going to go to a different city but everyone said that Ljubljana was a must see...and I am so thankful we listened. What an absolutely gorgeous place! The streets were beautiful and the people were so welcoming and fun to be around. We only stayed for one night and arrived pretty late in the day but we were able to walk to the Ljubljana Castle and overlook the city. I also learned that the city's symbol is a dragon, which made Game of Thrones seem a bit closer to reality, which is awesome...

FYI: We are back in LA! So happy to be back at home :) 


Sunday, July 27, 2014


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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Two Nights In Florence

Dress: Topshop, Sandals: Birkenstocks

photos by Me and Marcus Nilsson

Out of all the places we traveled to on this euro trip, Florence was by far my favorite city. I've been dreaming of visiting Italy since I was very young and though the trip was much shorter than I imagined, I can finally say that I've been there. On our trips, we try not to plan out too much of our journey, which means finding a hotel can sometimes be a bit stressful considering we have no idea where we are going. I have to credit my hotel-finding-skills to Booking.com this trip. We found the best places!

 In Florence, we stayed at a farmhouse called Fattoria Il Milione which is about 15 minutes outside the city center located on top of a hill. We had the most incredible views of Tuscany and had best food while we were there. They even make their own wine, honey, and olive oil. Our experience would not have felt complete if we stayed anywhere else closer to the city. If you have the opportunity to stay here, by all means, do it. If I had any advice to give you while traveling, it's to always opt for the scenic route. 

We can't wait to be back in this beautiful country. 


Thursday, July 17, 2014


Bag: c/o FRONT ROW SHOP, Jeans: J Brand, Sandals: Birkenstocks, Blouse: Madewell

photos by Marcus Nilsson & I

Garmisch-Partenkirchen is a small city in southern Germany located in the Alps. This is my second trip to Garmisch and each time I am floored by it's beauty. The quaint little town is so refreshing during summer with the most beautiful views of the Alps. Each time we've been, we stay at Hotel Zugspitze and we always have the best time! Marcus and I snapped these photos early in the morning while we walked through the town. My favorite thing to do on vacation is to wake up early before the crowds and just walk around the quiet streets to take in the beauty of wherever we are. 


Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Traveling and shopping are two things I could never get enough of. I have been longing for a tropical getaway for sometime now, and if I left tomorrow, here are some items I would love to bring with me. I could imagine walking around Santorini in this, don't you?